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China Enterprise Appraisals Juncheng Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd., one of member institutions of CEA, operates a wide range of business services, including the review of corporate accounting statements and the issuance of audit reports; conducting the audit business of corporate merger, separation and liquidation issues while issuing relevant reports; handling audit business of corporate financing and M&A issues while issuing relevant reports; providing accounting, financial, tax and other economic management consulting services; training accounting personnel and other comprehensive high-quality professional services.

Auditing services: annual financial statement audit, M&As and restructuring audit, asset and capital verification audit, economic responsibility audit, corporate internal audit, internal control audit, information system audit, the leaving and retaining of senior executives audit, research funds audit, and corporate liquidation audit, and so on.

Consulting services: business formation, asset reorganization, equity transactions, mergers and acquisitions, reverse mergers and acquisitions strategy, corporate restructuring, Sino-foreign joint venture cooperation, bankruptcy and liquidation, debt-to-equity swap and tax planning, capital market and venture capital, loans and project financing; project feasibility studies, investment analysis, corporate acquisition, merger planning, corporate financing consulting, financial accounting consultation, accounting theoretical studies, corporate internal control design, and so on.

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