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Time flies. CEA has gone through two decades of glory days.

Over the two decades, CEA people have always adhered to the service creed of “Being Sincere and Credible & Being Rigorous and Fair” to be devoted to the magnificent practice of China’s reform and opening up and the socialist market economic construction. We have been devoted our wisdom and professionalism to the development of asset appraisal cause. Over the two decades, we have viewed service quality as the life of enterprise development, considered talent team building as the cornerstone of enterprise development, and regarded the market development in an orderly manner as the source of enterprise development. We have firmly taken the road of professional services. Accordingly, we have won credibility, established brand influence, and achieved fruitful achievements. Thanks to the two decades of business exploration, we have created a high-quality, responsible, courageous, innovative and united team of valuers, leaving CEA people more broad-minded and more firm-willed.

Today, China’s reform has been in a critical stage, whereas its economic development has entered a new normal. China’s asset appraisal industry has also entered a new stage of development. How to use asset appraisal to better serve the construction and development of the socialist market economy is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

We should focus on reform and opening up and follow the pace of “go global” development strategy. We should take hold in domestic and international markets to accumulate our strength and offer innovative services. I believe that as long as we struggle hard and continuously pursue excellence, CEA will cherish a more promising future.

Message from the chairmenMessage from the Chairman

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