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The Company (“CEA”), formerly affiliated to the State Commission for Restructuring the Economic System, is a dedicated asset appraisal institution under the center government. Incorporated in December 1996, CEA was transformed into a limited liability company with asset valuers as its shareholders after going through restructuring and reorganization in 1999. Now the Company is a managing director unit of China Appraisal Society (CAS), Beijing Appraisal Society, CAMRA, China Association of Chief Financial Officers, CMAA, and China Council for International Investment Promotion.

The Company has all top qualifications in the asset appraisal industry. Its branches, business departments, and cooperative units are based in Hong Kong and 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. It has a team of more than 1,000 valuers and several hundred industrial experts, including over 200 certified valuers. Its management is state-of-the-art, and the Company is the first to pass ISO9001.

With the marching forward pace of China’s asset appraisal industry, CEA has been gradually developed into a domestic appraisal industry’s professional appraisal institution with the latest scale and the powerful strength thanks to its two decades of its development. The Company’s main businesses are to undertake the restructuring and listing, mergers and reorganization of large and medium-sized SOEs. Meanwhile, it also provides a variety of consulting services for private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises. It has made outstanding contributions in the fields of the reforms of state-owned enterprises directly under the central government, the “Go global” strategic implementation of SOEs and the capital market construction and industrial development, etc. So far, there are nearly ten thousand enterprises receiving the appraisal services of the Company, and the total of appraised assets has reached more than RMB 100 trillion. Appraisal projects cover all sectors of the national economy, whereas appraisal purposes are various and the regions where appraisal assets are based include all domestic areas and dozens of foreign countries. According to the industry’s authoritative statistics, since 1997, the Company has been ranked the first in the operating performance list in 16 consecutive years, thus becoming an industry brand.

The Company is hailed for its numerous talents, strong strength and powerful professional and technical strengths. Our team whose members are mostly PhD and master degree holders has undertaken a great number of innovative projects in the industry, besides a host of subject researches and teaching missions. Currently, the Company has retained quite a few senior members of CAS, national outstanding young valuers, golden members, members of the Issuance Review Committee and Mergers & Acquisitions Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), CSRC assistant chief accountants, and members of the China Accounting Standards Committee of Ministry of Finance. Notably, a number of experts have participated in the formulation and revision of CAS criteria, and expert reviews organized by the SASAC, the MOF and other ministries and commissions. Over many years, the Company has taken advantage of its strength to tap the market and to provide clients with excellent services, thus winning an extensive praise from all the community. 

Currently, the main business of the Company is asset appraisal. Meanwhile, it has carried out audit, accounting, consulting, real estate appraisal and project cost and other related businesses. In the international market, it has undertaken overseas listing projects of mega enterprises, while fruitfully carrying out numerous innovative services, such as overseas asset quality inspections, enterprise asset quality analysis, cash flow forecasting and management consulting, and so on. The Company has made remarkable achievements in terms of service quality, operating performance, talent team, professional service, market share, industry contribution and innovation. It has also been praised by both industry associations and the relevant regulators, thus becoming the No. 1 brand of the appraisal industry.

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